受付・焚き火・七輪BBQは交流スペース。そして寝場所は快適なお宿2軒。宿はドミトリー(男女別相部屋)・個室に分かれます。テーマは阿蘇の自然と人の自然体 、気兼ねない阿蘇らしい時間を体感下さい
the tranquil story of Aso’s earth and the quiet Aso’s local sake around the bonfire with the scenery of Aso in the background. Taste with. This is a unique location of Aso. The entire inn in Aso is an exchange space for receptionists, bonfires and seven-wheeled BBQ. And two comfortable inns for sleeping. The inn is divided into dormitories (separate rooms for men and women) and private rooms. The theme is Aso’s nature and the natural body of people.

お部屋・料金 ( Room・Price)

⭐️ドミトリー(男女別相部屋)1部屋最大4名. ⭐️個室(1〜4名定員)

Dormitory (shared room for men and women) 1 room for up to 4 people) ⭐️ Private room (capacity for 1 to 4 people)

料金 (Price)

Dormitory(separated by gender)
1名1泊 3,800円(税込)
3,800 yen per person per night (tax included)
Private Room (2~3 people)
1名1泊 4,300円(税込)
4,300 yen per person per night (tax included)
  • 小学生1名1泊2,160円(税込)
  • 添い寝(6歳未満)のお子様は無料
  • 1名個室利用の場合1泊4,800円(税込)→コロナ収束まで1名1泊3,800円(早期割引3,300円)



If you would like to have a tent and BBQ set, please let us know by email when you send your reservation email or ⭐️ReservationForm 


  • 3歳未満のお子様の宿泊は受け入れ出来ません(3歳~小学生までは個室にて宿泊可能)
  • 宿泊料金は消費税を含めた”素泊まり料金”となります。  
  • トイレ・シャワー・洗面台は共同でのご利用となります。
  • 門限はありません!(チェックイン後は時間を気にせず、ゆっくり阿蘇をお楽しみ下さい)
  • タオル・歯ブラシ・浴衣などは各自準備下さい(別途販売、レンタルあります)
  • Elementary school student 1 person 2,160 yen per night (tax included)
  • Children sharing bed (under 6 years old) are free of charge.
  • Children under 3 years of age cannot be accommodated (from 3 to elementary school students can stay in private rooms)
  • The room charge is the “room charge” including consumption tax.
  • Toilets, showers and wash basins are shared.
  • No curfew! (After check-in, please enjoy Aso slowly without worrying about time)
  • Please prepare your own towel, toothbrush, clothing, etc. (sold separately, rental available)




Shower, toilet (shower toilet), refrigerator in room,

・ There is a 24-hour supermarket and a small food court nearby. ・ Self-catering is possible

 ・ You can have a Japanese-style BBQ in the local lounge (playing around)! 

・ You can bonfire

チェックイン&アウト (Check-In & Out)

イン:16時~21時 / アウト:~10時
Check-In:16:00~21:00 / Out :~10:00

キャンセルについて (About cancellation)


◎ In case of cancellation, please contact us 3 days in advance.
・ The cancellation fee below is required 2 days before the stay.

2 days before
30% of the accommodation fee
1 day before
50% of the accommodation fee
On the day / No show
100% of the accommodation fee



阿蘇店の誕生 (Birth of Asobigokoro)

 ゲストハウス阿蘇び心 阿蘇店は2012年3月1日に誕生。年間約3600人の旅人たちが世界から集い愛される宿となりました。

Guest House Asobigokoro Aso was born on March 1, 2012. About 3,600 travelers a year gather around the world and are loved.
However, in April 2016, four years since its opening. The building was damaged by the large earthquake that hit Kumamoto and closed (vacant land).

あれから2年5ヶ月 (2 years and 5 months after that)


阿蘇び心 阿蘇店があるのは、上西黒川区。



The Asobigokoro has been revived as a “local whole inn”.

Aso Bishin The Aso branch is located in Kaminishi Kurokawa Ward.
A district where about 100 houses and 200 people live in the entire area.

However, there is no lodging place on the site where the building of the Asobigokoro Aso originally existed.
There is only the “regional lounge”, which is the center of the inn concept In the place where Asobigokoro Aso was originally.

Can’t stay? Don’t worry!
Lodging is in local!!

“地域全体”が1つの宿 (“Whole area” is one inn)


Many pavilion are scattered around the “local lounge (Asobigokoro)”.

地域談話室 (regional lounge)





Make a reservation for the inn in advance, and when you come to Aso on the day, first go to Asobigokoro’s “local lounge”.

The staff introduces a handmade map of the attractions and fun spots in this area!

“Ah! If you like it, by all means! Here!” “This is interesting!”

In such a way, we will tell you the recommended spots that were unique to each person based on the handmade map. With the handmade map in hand, what to do in Aso today is exciting!

宿泊 (Stay)




Accommodation in two inns in the area

Dormitories, which are popular for single travelers! families and group travelers. Private rooms are guesthouses created by local residents. 。

In addition, there is a hot spring in a nearby hotel, and you can refresh yourself by rinsing the fatigue of the day with hot water.













You can enjoy a “bonfire” on the premises of the Asobigokoro Aso.

You can experience it by igniting firewood.

And while watching the flames, Aso’s sake and BBQ are simultaneously luxurious Aso time for you.

<Easy BBQ Set> (Meat, Plate, Chopsticks, Sauce, BBQ set with Carbon (Charcoal) 2000yen)

<BBQ set rental with charcoal> 1000 yen per it’s set.







  ⭐️詳しくはこちら→ (阿蘇び心 キャンププラン)

                     ⭐️ゆるキャン実際体験の様子→ (3分動画)

△Overnight in tent empty-handed

○ Even if you do not have a tent,we will rent it for you.

○ There is a water place (self-catering available) and a toilet (hot water toilet seat) on the premises

○ There is a hot spring